Let's discuss your challenges or struggles with your wardrobe, and allow me to help you reshape your style to build more confidence!

I come to you from a point of view of compassion, open mindedness and patience.  We will work TOGETHER to analyze your current wardrobe, look at creative ways to reinvent what you have, use new accessories, and explore new fashion trends that can take you in your new direction.


Your personal image is your canvas; it's your unique way of expressing yourself and emanating your inner confidence. The colors and clothes we wear can help to differentiate us, even in subtle but striking ways. Feeling comfortable in your clothing is what allows you to feel relaxed, confident and strong in any social setting.

Considering a career move? You are far more likely to feel professionally comfortable or better prepared for that next interview, industry networking event, or in front of potential clients. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

We live in a visual society, one where the first few seconds are critical.  Whether in a social or professionally setting, feeling like you're making an impression is by far a bigger confidence booster that resonates throughout your whole body.

  • Image Analysis

  • Style Review

  • Closet Overhaul

  • Personal Shopping

Selecting and wearing different colors, textures and patterns that best showcase your individuality allows you to create a distinctive look. In addition, appropriate clothing styles designed to flatter your body and enhance your attributes, opens you up to a whole new world of confidence, enhancing the way you feel about yourself and the energy you emanate toward others. The results are transformative!

You may be at a point of change, looking to kick-start the way you look and feel or are ready for innovative updating but are uncertain where to start. You want to look great and possess the knowledge and confidence to dress, knowing what suits you.

Working on a one-to-one basis we can develop your own personal style to ensure you dress in a way that is truly authentic to you – helping you feel more confident in what looks great on you.

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