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My entire life has been a huge organizational project!  Little did I know, in all those years of tackling life’s everyday tasks and challenges, that they were just the building blocks for a career as a professional organizer.

I fully understand the challenges everyone faces in their life.  For me, helping people find their inner strength to attack those obstacles – the ones that keep us from moving forward with new directions, working toward new goals – is what fuels my passion as a professional organizer.  Sometimes we all need a little impetus, a small push when faced with what feels like a huge, overwhelming and even crippling task.  Others need a little more than that – perhaps and assessment, a vision, and a plan to help you move forward.

I have had the pleasure of working with clients of all types and all ages.  Organizing your home, your surroundings, your entire daily world, is something I enjoy doing!  I get tremendous satisfaction when my clients start to see their life change, as they de-clutter the things they held on to for too long, and they see how freeing that becomes.  That moment of vision and clarity is what gives me joy.

Many of the clients I’ve worked with have sought help for different reasons.  Some have homes and spaces that have been neglected for too long; things plie up – and the mountain grows to a point of disarray.  In other cases, I have helped families with offloading their elder’s possessions – perhaps in cases of Estate dismantling, or from the process of downsizing into assisted living spaces.  I have helped elders organize into their new places – many times, they need a helping hand, and perhaps a little muscle!  Additionally, I love working with families who have moved into new homes, and need a helping hand to get their living space off to a great start - this is where I get to meld together my love for organizing, as well as my experience in interior decorating and design consulting.

Ultimately, what may seem daunting, for many different reasons, can be tackled and overcome with the help of a professional organizer.  One step at a time, we will get there together!

Downsizing Specialist

Many homeowners experience this stage in their lives.  Perhaps you've been in your home so many years, and wonder how on earth you've collected so much stuff?  You're not alone!  Now, at a stage in life where downsizing is a welcomed change, when the nest is empty and you're at a point where less is more, I can help!  Letting go of some (or many) of the things we have been accumulating over the years can be a stressful situation and can feel overwhelming.  Having a downsizing specialist come in, take a look at your space and help you determine what makes the most sense to keep with you as you transition into a new home and life, that's where I thrive. I won't be afraid to help you make some tough decisions, while maintaining respect for what you're letting go, and help you see the vision of how your new space will work for you, bring the memories with you, and simultaneously simplify your life.  Discretion, respect, and a confident approach to downsizing is what you need help with, and having someone with a fresh pair of eyes will help you get through the emotional transition without the fear of making difficult decisions.

This approach is also quite helpful with our older generation.  I specialize in helping families transition their elder loved ones who may also need to move into new spaces.  So many of us have experienced the stress of moving their parents into assisted living facilities, or nursing homes, and most of the time the families are overwhelmed with having to balance their work schedules, family obligations, school, kids etc.  I have a special place in my heart for our elder community, and know from personal experience how much they appreciate and benefit from having someone help them through this frightening time.  I care so much about helping our elder loved ones feel safe, protected and giving them the confidence that their precious things will be handled with care and respect.  For the families who may not be able to manage this process logistically, either due to your schedules or proximity to your loved one, my mobility and flexibility is exactly the help you need.

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